Back from Road to California

“Gorgeous Girl”, my pictorial quilt of an old farm truck, has returned from Road to California. Road to California is a premier quilt show in California. It has large money prizes and is open to national and international quilters. More than 39,000 people visited the show in January of this year. That’s a big show. I was very proud and pleased to be chosen to have my quilt seen by so many people. I have entered Road to California many times but this was the first time chosen. The judges comments were favourable: “excellent raw edge applique”, “good fabric choices” and “very painterly”. That was my favourite comment.

“Gorgeous Girl” won runner-up Best of Show at QuiltWest in 2017, plus a first in the Pictorial section and Viewers Choice but did not make it over for the Best of the Best Show at AQC in Melbourne because it was in California. A bit disappointing. There’s always this year with QuiltWest just around the corner for us here in WA.

gorgeous girl
1st Pictorial QuiltWest 2017, Runner Up Best of Show QuiltWest 2017 and Viewers Choice



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